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African print fabric store leaves downtown Decatur, cites parking issues – Decaturish

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This story has been updated.

Decatur, Georgia – Tess’ World Designs leaves its space on West Ponce de Leon in downtown Decatur after three years in this location.

In a Facebook message, the company – which specializes in African print fabrics – mentioned a lack of parking for its departure.

“Customers had parking issues,” a company representative said. “We are now looking for a suitable location for the store.”

The company is still in operation and its website is still operational. Customers can also order online and pick up from the company’s warehouse, located at 4002 N Royal Atlanta Drive, Suite P, Tucker, GA 30084. It is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Parking issues are a familiar complaint from businesses that have moved out of the city’s commercial core.

Souper Jenny, Cookin’ Up a Storm and – before that – Sawicki cited parking as their reason for leaving. Twist ‘n’ Scoot left town in 2014 for the same reason.

Decatur offers a combination of paid street parking and paid lots. Some local businesses validate parking at nearby car parks. The aggressive start of the free lots that serve downtown Decatur businesses has deterred people who would use them to park and walk to other downtown Decatur businesses. The startup got so aggressive that the City of Decatur Commission in 2016 had to step in and pass new regulations to curtail some of the most predatory parking practices.

Complaints about parking have angry city ​​leaders who pushed back against the idea that the city has a parking problem.

The city’s website has a page dedicated to where people can park in the city. To see it, click here.

Decaturish contributor Hans Utz delved into this topic in a 2019 column. He concluded that while many parking concerns are more of a problem of perception than reality, the city needs more parking spaces in its downtown with the caveat that it shouldn’t be free. To read his analysis, click on here.

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