Fabric store

Biggest and Best Fabric Store in Ohio: Zinck’s Fabric Outlet

Are there other craft stores in Ohio?

Buckeye State is a paradise for artists and dreamers. This fascinating state has spawned many art-centric neighborhoods and communities, and as a result, they have many art galleries and festivals. Also, it’s not uncommon to come across an occasional craft store in Ohio. In fact, Jo-Ann Stores (which serves 49 states) has its roots in northeast Ohio and is headquartered in Hudson to this day. Michaels also operates several craft stores throughout the state. Although these behemoths are found throughout the state, there are also many small, family-owned craft stores in the state.

What other massive stores are in Ohio?

While Zinck may be the largest fabric store in Ohio, the fabric store is certainly not the only massive store in the area. We have huge bookstores, general stores and toy stores. Amazingly, Ohio is also home to the nation’s largest candy store. Interestingly, Ohio is also home to a number of massive specialty stores. One of the most eclectic stores in the state is Tis The Season, a year-round holiday store specializing in ornaments, Christmas trees, and other fun treats. The decorating possibilities are truly endless in this quirky vacation destination.

Are there quilt shops in Ohio?

Quilt shops? Why, you have come to the right place! Ohio has many dedicated quilters, especially in Amish County. Country Fabrics in Shiloh is one of Ohio’s largest fabric stores, and Stitches N Such is perhaps the most beloved sewing store in the Cincinnati area. Plus, there are a number of quaint local shops that are easy to overlook. Don’t be afraid to ask your savviest friends where they like to shop – they’re sure to be a wealth of information! Whether you’re visiting Zinck’s or another craft store in Ohio, a visit to rural Buckeye State is sure to inspire the artist in you.

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