Fabric store

Melton fabric store closes as the last in the country

By Olivia Condous

A long-time Melton business plans to close its doors for good this year, as the country’s last store of what was once a major Australian franchise chain.

Bargain Box Fabrics in Melton South has been owned and run by Susan Robertson for over 25 years, but now is the time for the 72-year-old to retire and say goodbye to her beloved business.

Ms Robertson said she had tried to attract a buyer so her now independent fabrics business could live on, but despite some interest no one had made a serious offer.

“I would just like to see someone take it and put their own spin on it,

“The business is healthy, it’s just that no one is fit enough to take it on,” Ms Robertson said.

Bargain Box Fabrics was once a successful retail chain with 77 stores nationwide in the 1990s.

Like every other Australian store that has closed in recent years, Ms Robertson’s store has received continued support from the Melton community and is the last one standing.

“You should see the happy faces we walked into the store, they say ‘wow, that’s like a lollipop store’, they’re so happy to find a fabric store in town,

“Not all of my customers want it to close, they’re all very upset,” Ms Robertson said.

“There are people who have come over the past few months who haven’t left their homes for two years and we are one of the first stores they come to.”

Ms Robertson said she would take offers to buy from the business until the last moment and was happy to work with potential buyers to help them take ownership of the store.

At this point, Ms Robertson plans to close the store in June, if a buyer does not come forward.