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Online sustainable fabric store moves to Childers – Bundaberg Now

Larraine Smith and Richard Down recently moved to Childers, taking their bamboo fabric store with them

A successful online sustainable fabric store has moved to Childers with owners Richard Down and Larraine Smith enjoying the quiet life.

The couple have owned and operated the Bamboo Fabric Store for about 12 years, originally starting the online business on the Sunshine Coast.

Now based in Childers, Richard said the company is doing well despite the challenges COVID-19 presented for importing fabrics.

He said the company is focusing on bamboo fabric for its durable qualities.

“It’s an environmentally sound process to get the raw materials to make fabric rather than using all the cotton which uses a lot of water and pesticides and things like that,” Richard said.

“It’s a more environmentally friendly fabric than most.

“It’s very sweet. It’s very absorbent.

“We sell a lot for the cloth diaper market.

Working from home, the duo cut the durable fabric to order, selling primarily wholesale as well as “a little bit of retail.”

Richard said they were drawn to the Bundaberg area because of the affordability of housing and, working primarily from home, were very happy with their prospects in Childers.

“It’s a little quieter, more space to work,” he said.

“We have a bit of a view, it’s nice to work here.

“We love that the city is easy to get to and that we have really nice people in the post office and good neighbors.

Passionate about sustainable fabrics, Richard said that while running an online business was difficult, he and Larraine hadn’t looked back.

“It was working for ourselves rather than for someone else… that was the main thing.”

Providing sustainable fabrics throughout Australia, Richard wrote on the Bamboo Fabric Store website “we believe sustainability is very important and therefore we try to live in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner”.

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