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Pottery designer and winner of the Crufts class launches bespoke fabric business

An artist who designed a line of successful mugs has now started her own business focusing on her passion for dachshunds, vizslas, wildlife and the countryside.

Julie Shaw has shown and bred dogs for 25 years and won numerous classes at Crufts.

Today, the 61-year-old man from Oulton started the company Dackelblu with its business partner Pam Jones, of Audlem.

More detail and what’s new

Dackelblu is a range of bespoke upholstery fabrics, selling tea towels, lamp shades, cushions, clothing, dog beds, as well as collars, harnesses and leashes suitable for developing dachshunds.

The fabric can also be purchased for personal projects and the manufacturers can purchase the designs under license.

Julie, who owns five dogs, including two vizslas and two dachshunds, said: “I graduated in illustration in the 1980s in North Staffordshire and I specialize in animals and wildlife because they are my passion.

“I worked for a long time in the ceramics industry as a designer. I worked for Staffordshire Pottery and Churchill China.

A lampshade from Dackelblu showing vizslas

Julie designed Churchill’s line of successful mugs, Country lawsuits.

She added: “About three years ago I was asked to do some artwork for Discover Dogs at Crufts. I am very passionate about the breed and have galloped life-size dachshunds. people were taking pictures.

“Two years ago I was put in a relationship with Pam – her dog had puppies from my dog’s son. Pam is a member of the Association of Masters Upholstery and Upholstery Masters.

“She has an agricultural background and is also very much in the countryside.”

The fabric, which is environmentally friendly, comes from Magic Textiles in Leek.

Julie Shaw with dogs Felix and Pixel

Julie said: “We started with wire-haired dachshunds, but we’re going to move on to other breeds.

“The basic concept is that if you love animals and want quality products in your home, it shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

“If you want a shade with dachshunds on it, it has to be of high quality.

“It should also be anatomically correct – showing them that I pay attention to the way I represent animals. It upsets me when people draw things that are wrong.”

Dackelblu products are currently available online.

Due to Julie and Pam’s passion for the countryside and the environment, the products are handmade, eco-friendly, durable and plastic-free. The name Dackelblu was coined by Julie’s 26-year-old son Will Collis – dackel is a German nickname for dachshund.

Julie added: “We don’t want to just watch England – it’s a name that is recognized all over Europe. There has been a bit of a buzz around it.”

Dackelblu is also on Facebook.

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